Keys To Success

Keys To Success


What days for the future??

Today I was watching a talk show segment on TV and they were interviewing this self-appointed “success guru” person and atlking to him about how to be successful and stuff and it was just so flippin frustrating!

I mean of cousrse he was going on and on about how to make your “best plans for the future” and big shocker, he said that we should always plan ahead!

How ridiculous is that!? I mean thats absolutely classic “the standard thinking.” You get people all caught up in worrying aboput the future that they don’t even pay attention to the here and this moment and so they screw things up, so then they need more self-help guidance cause things still aren’t going right. I mean how do you even know you’ll be around in the future and you wont just flop down dead any second! It just ticks me off, his kind of thinking!

Folks, just makes me even happier I am gonna be getting this book out to you. Look forawrd to it. When it finally comes out and you’re able to get yourself a copy (it may be hard cause I suspect it’ll be tough for the people at the book printer to keep up with the pace for the first long while) you’re gonna see just how dumb most of these other “guru” people for success are and how far off they are from giving advice that’ll actually help you make a change in your life that’ll stick and won’t jsut have you come back paying them more and more money to get new “keys.” You’ll be kicking them right in the metaphorical nuts, where it counts, there wallets!!

Until then…




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