Keys To Success

Keys To Success


An unsual day

So today was the day that was slightly unsuaul for me overall!

Firstly, I woke up around 11:30Am which is mostly pretty early for me and I really only tend to do when I HAVE to do so. I got woke by none other than a call from Arnie telling me that there was some stuff I had to deal with regarding a dumb conference I don’t want to go to but now apprantly MUST go to. Duuuummmb.

Also, then when I was up I couldn’t get back to sleep due to all the stress I had from the “Keys To Success” book which is overall pretty furstrating! It’s perfect! I shouldn’t have issues with things but the dumb editor has been causing problems with things. Formatting things, gramar things (which I am already fine at), and even suppposeldy content stuff things.

Second, and this is a good “key” for you to keep in mind, when you are having people wanting to tell you what to do, the best solution is immeediatly to respond very negatively and badly. This way, they will know for sure that they won’t be able to just push you around however they want to! You want to be the one pushing yhourself around and not other people. Or even better, pushing them around! If you have to, even name calling and verbal attacks can be an effective means of making sure they have this idea locked in their brainage.

Anyway, just wanted to share it and let you all lovely readers out there know what’s what. Stay awesome out there folks!




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