Keys To Success

Keys To Success


A new dawn

This evening I woke up to the most intense sense of purpose and success! Like a renewal of a library book checkout, (not something I would do though since I never go to libraries) but I feel like I once again remembered how happy I am do be as successful as I am and awesome so I had to share with the online!

I was contacted by a lady named Dawn today, which is funny to be named after a time of day, it’s like who names there kid Midnight or Dusk or soemthing? That’s just dumb. But Dawn was pretty awesome and gave me some really good news about “Keys to Success” which is now going going going quicker and quicker towards being published!! Won’t tha tbe awesome! That’ll be Dawn-some haha. I guess the book is being worked on and moving towards being all done. I know I didn’t make it easy on them with my organization but hey, that’s just what you get when you’ve got a tremendously complex and beautuifl mind lik emine!!

Anyway, I’m off to grab drinks but just wanted to get an update out and letyou know the good news! Hopefully you’ve had some good news yourself recently and are haveing the “metaphorical” drinks with me to celebrate! 🙂

Key for today: Always have drinks to celebrate good news! It makes it like 1500% better! You can have drinks when things are sad also, but today is a good day so let’s not talk about that!! Let drink and be merry!





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