Keys To Success

Keys To Success


So then

I’m still here!! So it has obviously been a bit since I last posted, but there is a good reason for it!

I, myself, have actually been personally working on my book and getting it finished. Or more specificaly, in working with the frustrating lame editor who is being suchhh an idiot! He is constantly complaing and complaining and just trying to make my amazing book into a stupid book that resembles all the other stupid success books that are out there!

It’s aint gonna happen! I won’t let it!!

I’m working! I’m working on it! I have Alan and Arnie working super hard to get this dumb editor off my butt and out of the book “revisions” if you could even call them that (there more like eorrors every time he actually wants to change them!) and actually get the book published the current way, the rigt way, and I believe he me he will evetually give in! He has to crack eventually with all we are throwing his wayh to get him to just publish it my way!!

ANyway, that’s my reason. I know you understand but I still feel bad for not posting more for all you amazing readers out there. I hope you understand. You do understnad right? I mean of course you do! You’re amazing that way!!

So, stay aamazing, and I’ll do my best to check back in soon to post updates as we work on getting things done here!





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