Keys To Success

Keys To Success


Title is Here!!

Here it is! Another Thur, and another day of waiting and working to finally get my amazing, fantastic book out the door!! That bastard!!

Well, we finally have a title at this piont –, Keys to Success from A Completely Successful person.

You know, I had to fight Mr. Editor on it for darn neared a week just to finally get him to stop complaining about it

Some of you, I am sure by know, are very not so wonderfully happy by the lack of updates on my blogs. You have probably been eegerly waiting with wrapped anticitpation in front of your computer screen hitting your refresh buttons with concern minute after minute, day after day, second upon second, just to see that I haven’t posted any knew stuff yet! Well, I am sorry. I place all the blame on my Editor who is making it impossible to focus on stuff like posting here because of all the crap he’s been putting me through.

One of these days I am gonna write a few posts about all the issues he’s been causing and I’ve been dealing with for you, my wonderful, amazing, beautfuil fans and readers!!

So, for now, just stay tuned. I promise you this, the book will arrive within at some point realatvily close to now!



PS., Alan just informed me its actually Saturday. You know, how am I even excpexted to keep my days straight these days with all this crap I am going through!?


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