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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective A-Holes


My beautiful readers!!

Wally here!
Back again with this amazing, fantaaastic new article, with a beautiful sonnet of ideas to tell you about some more of my wonderful thoughts on success and being successful!
All wonderful things!
Today, for this amazing guide on how to be successful, success-filled, and full of success stuff, I am going to be sharing with you the “7 Habits of Highly Effective A-holes”
In my pontificationing and talking about what makes these individuals such highly valuable people to you, us, and all those around us, you will learn a great deal about what makes the world of the successful go round!
Additionally, if not who, then most of us could say that we in some form or fashion of another have been presented negative ideas when it comes to a-holes in the world.
Maybe they say they are bad to deal with, or can make life uncomfortable, or maybe they just think they all around stink! But I am here to help educationalize about this all and make sense of it for us!
So, let’s get this a-hole talk started with what often is sometimes the best place to start – diction.
Dictionarily, an “a-hole” is defined as a “stupid, irritating, or contemptible kind of person,” or to put it in laid man type terms, what you may see as aggressive, unfriendly, uncaring type of people.
In this tremendously beautiful article right here, what I would like to discuss is what the truth is about these “a-holeish” peoples that is actually good! The things about them that we should all aim towards and enjoy being.
I am here doing this since most “standard thinking” people usually hear and assume all sorts of bad things about them, but there is actually at least from what I can tell at least 7 reasons that the a-holes of the world are actually people we can look to be like!
Some may disagree about the math or science behind of all this, but haters gonna hate! Either way, wherever you are at with this, I hope we can all join together and discuss how it might be the best thing for all of us to actually become tremendous a-holes together!

Reason #1: An A-Holes Impact Will Blow People Away.

In the spelling of a famous singer, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what that means to a-holes.
You may be out there now and thinking you are one of those people that are out there that are constantly saddened by the fact that they don’t seem to make a big impact on people and nobody respects you.
Who doesn’t like to stand out in the world?!
Maybe you walk in a room and everybody yawns instead of takes notice? Worse yet, perhaps they turn their noses up at you, or refuse to share extra pieces of gum with you.
Or you might even be the kind of person to suffer from “good guy syndrome” or something of the like where everyone thinks you’re just some kind of “good guy” or something!
So one of the first aspects about a-holes and being one that you get to enjoy is that a-holes will and do leave a strong impact on people beyond what everyday Joe type folks do.
An a-hole isn’t something that people just take no notice of. They demand and require attention!
They don’t care about your previously going ons and stuff that may have been happening, they just need you to give them the attention they require, desire, and deserve!
Sure, some of it may be from fear or anger that they take notice of you when you walk in, but overall, this is still better than no attention at all!
As they say in the marketing world, attention is better than no attention!

Reason #2: People Appreciate A-holes.

Believe it or not, significant opinions will often show that the everyday folks of the world have a very healthy appetite and appreciation for the a-holes of the world!
People may pretend like it’s not true, but not only do they often love having them in their life when difficult things arise, they absolutely wish they themselves were more of an a-hole at times when they need them.
For example, what’s a person to do when they are being treated badly by a server at a restaurant? Perhaps it’s just before last call and the bartender has decided to cut you off early! Oh, you wanted another bag of peanuts on the flight, well tough tootoo’s to you!
In situations like these, the a-holes are the ones who will argue and get upset with the person doing the mistreating and force them to do the right thing, or often times at least intimidate and threaten them to.
Everyday easy-go-lovely folks will suddenly find these a-holes being super important to themselves since they can help them get what they need.
For us amazing individuals who work for ourselves, clients love working with a-holes too! We can often do much better in getting work contracts since prospective clients will be excited to hire us knowing they will have a person who is willing to do whatever they think they should to get the job done!
Trust me on this! I am constantly hearing from prospective clients about how self-centered and “in my own world” I am, and just how they can’t get or “have had enough” of it!

Reason #3: An A-Hole Has More Time for Good Things.

That’s right, they get to spend more time doing the things that most of us only wish we could spend our time doing.
Namely, not doing the things they don’t want to do!
Don’t believe me? Well, let’s just think like an a-hole for a second.
Let’s say you’ve got this ridiculous lunch meeting with a boring friend, annoying acquaintance, or some dumb person you don’t want to see, or talk to, or have watch you eat food.
As an a-hole, you have an amazing option before you – just don’t go!
What does it matter if they get standed up or left to fend for themself?? You’ve got better fish to fry up elsewhere!
Been set up on a blind dinner date and wishing you were actually blind because of the hideous creature sitting in front of you? Just skip out after you’ve had your fill and leave them explaining to the waiter why they are now dining for one!
Another point here, maybe you hate how every person you want to date ends up just blowing you off for some other “job interview” or “important medical procedure”???
Well, it’s simple – just start treating them like an a-hole, then you can blow them off!
Now, you can be the one to not return the important calls or emails that you need answers too quickly for getting everything taken care of in time…right Steve?!

Reason #4: Life is More Fun!

Since you can now set your own schedule and are getting the respect you deserve, and with all the other benefits of things still to come, you are now free to do all kinds of fun stuff without worrying about the repercussions to you or anyone around you.
Wear your shirt as pants for a week. End all of your sentences with a slight upward note.
Go crazy! Do what you want!
A great example, I don’t want to spend anymore time explaining this reason to you, so I won’t!

Reason #5: A Good A-Hole Can Get What They Need!

People will often think that the dislike that a-holes sometimes get must mean that a-holes don’t often get what they want, but I guarantee this isn’t the case.
This ties into the second reason a bit, but a-holes get all the things they want a great deal of the time!
They can fill themselves with all the beautiful things of this world, since there’s nobody overall who will be stopping them from getting it or that they need to be concerned about.
You don’t need to worry about saving money up for other people, or investing too much time or energy getting something for someone else. You can just make sure to put it all where you want and need it to be!
This should in turn attract even more people to you since the people around you will see all the good things you are getting and doing and then they will want to spend time around you too!
Money and power is some of the best stuff out there for making people enjoy spending time with you, after all!
Also, just to clarify, the idea isn’t to just puppeteer people like little dancing puppets that are yours to command – let’s leave that to the government and such groups – but you do get to generally command people to do things that you want.
If people they don’t listen to you, then it’s no real problem since you can just do what you want anyway. That or get super angry with them and mean until they give you what you want!

Reason #6: Everyone Remembers the Villainous A-Hole.

Truthfully, if you are hoping to be famous and well known, there hands down almost no way better than by going down the path to a-holery!
Darth Vader, Scar, that guy without a nose from the Harry Potter movies… everybody loves and remembers the best bad guys that are out there, oftentimes even better than the actual stars of the show even!
Why is this?
There are many complex and nuancicalled layers to this idea here, but the biggest reason is because a-holes are, deep down, encouraging and uplifting people to us all.
Not all people will frequently engage in some sorts of societal “bad behaviors,” but people want to know that they are able to do the bad things if they want to!
A people, a person, they all want to see the bad people do the bad things so that they can feel good about themselves for the bad things that they themselves do!
“I’m not thaaaaat bad.” They like to tell themselves.
“I only […] once or twice a week, not all the time! It’s not like I’m trying to kill some kid with a giant snake or by shooting magic at him or something!”
This, I’m sure seems very relatable to you all, as it should. We all have thoughts like this, and thankfully, we have a-holes around who can make us feel like these are acceptable thoughts to be have having at times!

Reason #7: You Know What You’re Supposed to Do – Be an A-hole!

This reason builds on reason 6, but people often times live these bland, boring, with nothing going on lives that are altogether pointless. Many of the times, it seems to be because they lack what can be considered any inside purpose.
The hidden, deep down benefit that is the truly unknown intelligence behind the concept of why it’s good to be an a-hole is that it gives your insides a purpose!
Your purpose is to be a-holeish!
And it doesn’t get much greater than this folks.
Lost is the wondering and not knowing what to do. You can simply wake up each day and ask yourself the question, “How can I be the best a-hole today?”
You have your marching orders, and now it’s just time for you to stand tall with your a-hole flag waving proudly in the sky as you tear down the folks around you standing in your way, living their non-a-hole life.

So, I hope now we’ve all been able to read in and through all this a bit more and realize the truthfulness of just the beauty and benefit of a-holes to us all in our lives.
Perhaps now you have even hopefully been inspired to possibly take on some of these a-holish aspects yourself!
It can’t hurt! And shouldn’t!
It should make things a lot better!
Truly, I’m not even sure why people get so worked up about this idea. Those ignoramuses who make a-holes out to be something beyond just slightly misunderstood, slightly self-centered people engaged in one bad thing or another.
Those people are truly buttholes.


– Wally

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